minaniwa stone____ Glassware delivered at the end of June


- minaniwa - A vessel for appreciating time


minaniwa is an innovative piece and brand born from the image of real water.

We recreate the universal aesthetic sense of love and respect for water that has existed in Japan since ancient times into modern life, and propose beauty yet unseen elsewhere in the world.


S / Length approx. 15cm

Thickness: thick part approx. 4cm, thin part approx. 2.5cm

M / Length approx. 21cm

Thickness: 5cm at thickest part, approx. 3.5cm at thinnest part

New work 【stone】

The design was born from the image of a "stone of water and air."

Water and air exist naturally,

A material whose existence is usually barely noticeable.

Proposing ways to perceive nature through everyday life,

It is a vessel for new sensibilities.

When you serve food,

There is a floating sensation, like floating on a large drop of water.

It brings a sense of exhilaration to your cooking.

Although it is blown glass,

A design that has no entrance or exit for breath.

It looks like a stone and also a drop of water.

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