minaniwa fill21/fill26 Glassware delivered from the end of May to the end of June


A vessel for appreciating time - minaniwa -


*This is an order item scheduled to ship from the end of June to the beginning of July.


The design is named after the phrase "full of water."

Size 21 is perfect for salads, desserts, and side dishes, while size 26 is perfect for main dishes, pasta, and other dishes with a strong presence.


- The gentle curves and moderate thickness bring out the charm of the glass vessel.

-It has just the right depth, making it easy to pour liquid dishes into it, and it is easy to match with not only dishes but also desserts and hors d'oeuvres.

This shape is recommended for main dishes such as pasta and salads. Because of the curve, the water ripples are slightly softer than with Still, allowing you to enjoy a calmer aquascape.

【 size 】

fill21/ diameter 21cm (approximately ±1cm) height approx. 30mm

Fill 26 / Diameter 26cm (±1cm) Height approx. 30mm


We recreate the universal aesthetic sense of respecting and loving water in gardens, which has existed in Japan since ancient times, into modern life and propose beauty that has never been seen before.

"Latest technology: 3D modeling of water" + "Glass manufacturing method that has been around since the prehistoric era"

A unique formula was developed to create 3D modeling data for water, a first in Japan (presumably) so that water patterns would appear when glass was blown. Based on the formula, a prototype was created with a 3D printer, and a "3D glass blown mold" was then hand-made. Using that mold, glass was blown with advanced techniques to create a plate with realistic "water ripples."

Although we use the latest technology to blow glass, each plate is unique. The beauty of handcraft is that no two pieces are exactly alike, and the superior transparency that only blown glass can provide is something that cannot be found in mass-produced glass. This work was created through the collaboration of a producer, designer, and craftsman.


Each and every minaniwa piece is handcrafted by a craftsman, so there may be slight differences between individual pieces.

In order to maintain the perfection of the work and reduce individual differences, we limit orders to one per year. If you would like to purchase additional pieces, please note that it will most likely be next year.

There are no major individual differences that would interfere with use, but if you are ordering in bulk, such as a set of two, please purchase a set of two. If you would like to purchase similar items individually, please write "I would like a set" in the comments section when purchasing.

Currently, only one craftsman is working on the production. Also, depending on the glass material and production status, the delivery date may be delayed.

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