White porcelain square plate


A square plate with naturally occurring cracks that create a landscape

The front is glazed like droplets of water.

The back side is a piece that lets you feel the texture of the minimalist material directly.

Of course the front is interesting, but personally I feel that the back side of it is also an interesting piece.

Please enjoy it with your own imagination.

Size: Approx. 20cm

Creator: Takahiro Yahagi

Yahagi's work is

It has the appearance of an antique that has aged over time.

For translucent porcelain skin

Deliberate black makeup

Beautiful pieces with decaying forms.

It is a Western style design

Feel the unique Japanese scenery that only Yahagi can offer,

Rather than looking at a vessel, it feels like looking at a beautiful natural scene or a changing landscape.

Even if you don't know the country or era you were born in

Even if I came across Yahagi's work in a different country or at a different time, I would still pick it up.

Since the white porcelain has many areas that are unglazed, the character of the piece improves over time, and each piece will develop its own unique personality under the care of its owner.

He is a rare creator who creates new pieces that develop beauty over time.

We would love for you to pick up and touch the actual item.

That's the kind of potter he is.

[Handling Information]

Made from fine-grained white porcelain clay.

The artist's intention with unglazed pieces is to create a unique look by gradually coloring them as they are used.

If you want to maintain the white appearance, we recommend washing it as soon as possible after use. If you are concerned about color transfer, please use dish bleach.

The chipped shape is intentional and the product is filed so there are no sharp edges. If chips appear during use, you can continue using the product by polishing it with waterproof paper.

If you have any questions, please contact us via our CONTACT page on our website or MOUSEION Instagram .

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