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MOUSEION's original "Museum of Natural History" themed gift box

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Humanities classification: Incense/Incense ceremony Scented incense Hanging incense

Natural Classification: Plants - Trees/Angiosperms

"Kaori Asobi" is a gift box that allows you to enjoy the scent by making your own sachet. This limited edition set includes scented materials selected from around the world by Yamadamatsu Incense Wood, a famous Kyoto store, and a MOUSEION original linen sachet bag. Recommended for those who are new to scents, those who want to try various scents, and as a casual gift. The scent of pine from the Nara period. Enjoy the complex and rich scent that you would never believe is made only from natural materials. For the museum gifts, we thoroughly research the materials and history of museums and carefully select only those that we believe are beautiful and fragrant for both the earth and people.

Material /

9 types of incense wood and incense ingredients (Yamadamatsu Incense Wood Store: Sandalwood, Clove, Borneolum, Cinnamon, Anise, Wild Mustard, Cinnamon, Sweet Pine, and Japanese Toga) 1 linen sachet Gift box Kaguya

How to use /

First, listen carefully to the nine types of scents and mix the nine types of scent ingredients in 1/3 to 1/2 amounts. This is the basic scent. Add the scents you like to the basic scent little by little to create the scent. Since it is a natural scent, it changes over time. Put the finished scent in a non-woven bag and put it in a sachet. Tie the string of the sachet. You can tie it at the length you like. Finished / Since it has a natural insect repellent effect, you can hang it in your closet, entrance, living room, or anywhere you like. Since it is a natural scent, it changes over time. When the scent becomes weak, you can burn it in a tea incense burner or sprinkle it in a trash can for deodorizing effect. The scent should be replaced every three months, depending on the space.

*We sell both finished replacement scent cartridges and scent ingredients only. *Sold separately: Scent cartridge 10g 880 yen / Scent ingredients 1200 yen

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