Earth Object Mineral Specimen German Blue Green Fluorite Rough Stone


Japanese name: Fluorite

English name: Fluorite

Fluorite from the Black Forest in Germany has a deep blue color that is rare worldwide.

German fluorite has the ability to appear anywhere from green to deep blue depending on the angle, making it a beautiful mineral beloved by collectors around the world.

It is said that blue fluorite from China and other countries gets its blue color from discoloration caused by radiation, but the fluorite from Germany is a natural beauty created by the earth.

This beautiful piece is made up of highly transparent crystals that are arranged in a square shape. The color changes to a deep blue like a spring toward the tip, making it an item that you will never tire of looking at from any angle. Crystals are also growing firmly on the surface that touches the bottom.

The minerals selected by MOUSEION are not only valuable as specimens, but are also selected raw stones that have appeal and presence as objects.

All of the minerals we select are chemically stable and safe to touch, so they can be used as interior decorations.


All minerals are natural and some have sharp crystal edges. Please be aware of this. In particular, fluorite has a low altitude, so please avoid dropping it or coming into contact with hard objects as this may cause damage.

Since each piece is a unique natural product, it may have inclusions, unique colors, natural cracks, etc. We select pieces that we think are beautiful, including those characteristics. Please enjoy the unique mineral scenery.

"Chemically stable" means that the substance is unlikely to undergo chemical changes under normal temperature and humidity conditions.

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