Forest Object by Sota Okabe / M


<Forest object>

Bringing out the inherent power of wood.

A nurturing object that brings out the beauty of wood itself

Humanities classification: Sculpture / object Nature classification: Plants - Trees / Broadleaf trees

Woodworker Okabe works with hardwood trees from Kochi Prefecture, one by one, to create objects that are all one-of-a-kind, pursuing the essence of their beauty. Each piece is made while carefully examining the grain and age of the tree. By leaving the essence of the wood, the center of the annual rings, that is, the part where the tree was born, in particular, the object naturally develops cracks and fissures as it is used, and the fragrance accumulates, turning it into a "fragrant wood object." It is an object that grows more and more tasteful the more time passes, so that it becomes a symbol of a unique space.

Japan is a developed country with one of the world's largest forest areas. Among them, Kochi Prefecture is the forest kingdom in Japan. Approximately 84% of the prefecture's area is covered by forest. Most of the broadleaf trees that grow there are cut down as "miscellaneous trees" and burned to ash without anyone knowing. Broadleaf trees generally have beautiful grain, and most furniture is made from them. However, a large quantity and shape are required to distribute to the market, and the trees in the forest, which are each unique, cannot be distributed in the modern market, so they are destined to be burned.

MOUSEION will continue to convey Okabe's activities and this fact through beautiful artwork, with the aim of eliminating the senseless burning of trees from Japan's forests.


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