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Starting incense

Human Classification: Incense/Incense Ceremony Incense Sticks/Flame Candles Natural Classification: Plants-Wood Sandalwood Agarwood/Rosewood

"The Beginning of Incense"
This set includes three items: tree jewels, four types of incense made with plenty of fragrant wood, a beautiful candle made from 100% natural materials derived from the lacquer family plant, wax tree, and a ceramic candle stand.

MOUSEION's original museum GIFT allows you to enjoy the beauty of authentic incense and fire as soon as it arrives.

4 types of incense, 3 of each, 12 in total
(Yamadamatsu Incense Store, Incense Wood Collection)
4 mini wax candles 1 ceramic candle stand
(Japanese Candles Daiyo)
Gift Box (Kaguya)

Yamadamatsu Incense Store is a long-established Kyoto store, and Koboku Senjyu is an incense made only from fragrant wood, also known as the jewel of trees. The composition of fragrant wood has been maximized to the maximum, resulting in a deep, luxurious fragrance. It produces thin, low-smoke incense, and its shape allows the natural fragrance of the fragrant wood to come out beautifully, making it one of MOUSEION's most recommended incense sticks for filling the air.
It contains four types of sandalwood: Laoshan sandalwood from South India, which is considered the most luxurious type of sandalwood; two different types of oud; and Kyara, the finest fragrant wood in the art of incense-smelling. It is perfect for those who want to try out authentic incense.

Haze candles are Japanese candles made from 100% natural materials, which I was looking for because I really don't like synthetic candles that smell like petroleum. Compared to regular candles, they have a large, beautiful flame and barely drip, making them a wonderful product. The occasional popping sound is reminiscent of a small bonfire, which is why they are called haze.

Our museum gifts are carefully selected by thoroughly researching the materials and history of museum items, and choosing only those that we believe are beautiful and fragrant for both the earth and people.

I hope you will all have an enjoyable encounter with museums.

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